Welcome to OUYANGs!

aboutus-1My name is Olivia Ouyang Bonetti, the founder of OUYANGs, a place to find premium tea and authentic teaware collection. I grew up in a tea-loving family, since I was very little I was deeply influenced by the traditional tea culture. By watching my grandfather collecting different types of teawares and being told the ancient tea stories, I started to comprehend how the tea culture is related to the Chinese philosophy and how extensive and profound it was.

Nowadays, in China so many local tea farmers are sadly replaced by mechanised production. Fortunately we still have a group of producers, who are doing their best to inherit and maintain the traditional way of producing tea and teawares. This is where the idea of the business was born, as I want to help present this great tradition.

After I finished my MBA program in the U.K., I came back to Switzerland with my husband and we finally get the chance to put this idea into action. For the past two years, we have been traveling through China to visit local producers and tea farms to search for the finest and highest quality tea leaves while meeting the EU standards. We are so happy to see, year after year, generation to generation, that some of the tea famers and tea ware crafters can still hold fast to their dreams and passion without losing to the over-speedy developing society. Our aim is to provide a platform to present and share their products with you all.